February 21, 2017

Ready2Go: Examples of Global Corporate Social Responsbility

A collection of business initiatives that benefit children and parents that have significant business involvement through corporate social responsibility efforts

Below are just a few examples of local business action on early childhood. Many others are detailed in our publications in our Resources section or on the full database, Ready2Go on our U.S. site.

We welcome additional examples; please send your example of corporate responsibility to email@readynationinternational.org.

Allianz Supports Families in Four Countries

SOS Children’s Villages International joined global risk expert, insurance and financial services provider Allianz in an international pilot partnership in four initial countries: Germany, Romania, India, and France. The partnership enables Allianz companies across the globe lend their support to SOS Children’s Villages to provide children with individual support. Allianz is also contributing its risk management expertise, by helping to turn children’s villages into safe ports of call for local communities in the event of a catastrophe, or offering cyber security trainings to young people and SOS staff.

Dr. Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG promotes Family Engagement

Dr. Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG, a German food brand, and SOS Children’s Villages developed long-term local partnerships in more than 15 countries to help families create loving homes as safe spaces for children. The company has supported SOS Children’s Villages’ work for children in various ways, including financial support for the daily lives of families, renovating kitchens in family homes (complete with fresh-baked cookies), to publishing a collaborative cookbook through local cause-related marketing campaigns, Facebook promotions, and encouraging the strong engagement of employees.

Finance Trust Bank: Mama’s Corners (Uganda)

Finance Trust Bank in Uganda provides private rooms in their lobbies so that mothers can take care of their children and breastfeed. These screened-in areas, called “Mama’s Corners,” also have baby supplies. Halcom was recognized as one of the 13 companies in EU member states with the best family friendly practices by the European institute European Institute for Gender Equality. Halcom has many policies that improve the business as well as family life of its employees. Parents receive a bonus when their child is born, the employees can work at home under extraordinary circumstances, and parents can get additional vacation days to encourage parents engagement with their children. Halcom firmly believes that the Family Friendly Enterprise practices result in better productivity and success rate of employees.

KPMG’s Family for Literacy

KPMG’s Family for Literacy program engages its employees, interns, partners, and families and encourages them to volunteer to read to children, help organize book drives, create fundraising events, donate books to schools, and deliver books to underserved children across the U.S. Global expansion has begun with programs started in India, Mexico, UK and South Africa.

Marriott International organizes World of Opportunity

Marriott International organized its hotels across continental Europe to fundraise, facilitate in-kind donations, and volunteer with SOS Children’s Villages in 20 European countries. With the World of Opportunity initiative, Marriott-branded hotels throughout Europe help support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to reach their full potential by providing employment skills training and vocational opportunities.

PSFU: Early Steps Strong Foundation

The Early Steps Program is an initiative of Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU). Early Steps informs business leaders why it’s important to support and invest in young children, and encourages business leaders and the local and national government to invest in early childhood development supports.

Vodafone Group institutes Global Maternity Leave Policy

The Vodafone Group changed its maternity leave policy for all of their global offices/companies to help mothers across the world transition back into their jobs. Vodafone now offers at least 16 weeks of paid maternity leave, and allows mothers the flexibility to work only 30 hours while earning full-time pay during the first six months after returning from maternity leave.