About Us

Strengthening Business Through Effective Investments in Children and Youth

ReadyNation is a nonprofit business membership organization of more than 3,000 executives worldwide. We support our members to promote public policies and programs that build a stronger workforce and economy through investments in children and youth. We work with country leaders to build local capacity that will increase domestic resources devoted to early childhood.

Our international work, under the name ReadyNation International, focuses on helping business leaders advocate for both public and private investments in effective early childhood programs that give children the best possible start on the path to productive adulthood.

Our members do not come from the children’s sector, but rather represent employers who are “unexpected” advocates for children. Their status as outsiders can help draw attention to these issues. Their work complements the efforts of traditional children’s advocates everywhere, with the same goals of high-quality, appropriate services and supports for children and families.

Our U.S. organization, ReadyNation, was founded in 2006. Over the past three years, ReadyNation members have generated more than 500 media pieces on the business case for investing in early childhood, and participated in advocacy campaigns that won more than $4 billion in new state and national public funds. We also give companies ideas and examples of actions they can take at both the community and company levels, including corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Since 2014, we have helped countries around the world create their own networks of business advocates for improving the economy and the workforce through effective investments in early childhood. Some highlights of our work include the following:

  • Working with leaders in Uganda, Romania and Australia to create their own networks of business advocates for early childhood.
  • Working with executives in Brazil and Mexico to help raise awareness around early childhood as a business issue critical to workforce development and the economy through events and other engagements.
  • Organizing the first Global Business Summit on Early Childhood in October 2015.
  • Collaborating with five foundations (Jacobs Foundation, Bernard van Leer Foundation, Aga Khan Foundation, Compagnia di San Paolo, and King Baudouin Foundation) to host the first European Business Forum on Early Childhood with teams from eight countries (October 2016)
  • Creating two open letters to the United Nations, the first calling for early childhood to be included in the Sustainable Development Goals and the second celebrating this achievement. The letters were signed by more than 150 business leaders worldwide and were the only such public statement by a business group on this topic.
  • Developing a variety of publications and examples, showcasing business actions on early childhood.
  • Presenting at a wide variety of international conferences to provide information on “why” and “how” to organize business leaders to support early childhood development

ReadyNation is also part of a U.S.-based organization, Council for a Strong America, that supports four other types of unexpected advocates for children: leaders from law enforcement, military, faith community and athletics.