The Front Project launched in 2016 with the help of GoodStart Early Learning and ReadyNation International.

ReadyNation International is working with leaders in Australia to create The Front Project, a new business organization dedicated to developing better-prepared students and a stronger workforce for all Australians. Its CEO is Jane Hunt. With funding from Goodstart Early Learning, ReadyNation’s Global Director spent the summer of 2016 working with executives, advocates, policymakers and civic leaders to lay the foundation for the new venture. Woodside Energy is the pre-eminent business supporter and sponsor. Early Steps Australia and the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth were also founding partners.

The Australian Financial Review discusses the formative steps being taken to create and grow the business-leader membership organization. ReadyNation continues to provide technical assistance and contacts with ReadyNation members with a presence in Australia.

For more information, contact Jane Hunt, CEO of The Front Project, at