BRIEF March 1, 2017

Developing the Global Workforce of Today and Tomorrow

The business case for investing in early childhood development internationally

Business leaders around the world want to hire skilled employees, find customers who can afford their goods and services, and operate in an environment that spurs innovation and economic vitality. But countries are not creating the productive adults they need. That’s where early childhood investments come in.

This brief makes the business case for high-quality early care and education to give children a better start in life across the globe. For example, A study of 30 programs across 23 countries in Europe, Africa, Central/South America, and Asia found positive impacts of early childhood programs on health, education, cognitive ability and emotional development.

High-quality early childhood can yield positive results across diverse cultures.
Gideon Badagawa, Executive Director, Private Sector Foundation Uganda

Using this compelling research, multi-national CEOs and small-town shop owners alike are taking action to support the conditions that will help young children become healthy, productive adults. Download the brief to learn more.

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