ReadyNation works with Private Sector Foundation Uganda to create and support its network of business champions for early childhood, Early Steps Uganda.

In 2014, Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU), the country’s apex body for the private sector in Uganda, launched a network initiative committed to advocacy for increased investments in early childhood with the support of RNI. PSFU successfully advocated for the inclusion of Human Capital Development and the promotion of Early Childhood Investment as a separate chapter in the latest National Development Plan (NDP III).

At PFSU, the Early Steps Program remains instrumental in shaping the national education landscape. Under this program and in collaboration with RNI, PSFU organized the country’s first business summit at which the Government, represented by the Minister of Finance Planning and Economic Development, affirmed the need to improve early childhood investments for Ugandan children. PFSU, in collaboration with UNICEF, also convened the country’s first public-private partnership dialogue to increase early childhood investments with a focus on Child Rights and Business Principles. Key pieces of legislation have successfully passed through the Ugandan parliament since 2016 in addition to the increased national budget allocation into the Education sector.

As a result of PFSU advocacy, the Ugandan government has developed and launched guidelines for establishing and managing child care facilities in public places and over 80 companies across industry sectors have already signed on to the 10 Child Rights and Business Principles while looking to expand family-friendly workplace policies.

Investing directly and families and in children’s wellbeing is both a social and moral imperative and as well as an economically sound investment strategy for the future.
the Honorable Maria Kiwanuka, Ugandan Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development

Concrete victories of Early Steps Uganda include the following:

  • Uganda increased the percentage of its national budget allocated to the Ministry of Education and the Minister of Education has called for a pre-primary classroom in every primary school.

  • A variety of companies, such as Finance Trust Bank, Vision Group media company and Diamond Trust Bank, have expanded family-friendly practices.

  • PFSU’s work has been featured in print, broadcast and online media through leading Ugandan outlets such as New Vision and Daily Monitor.